ARTICLE VII - membership

Section 1

The principal terms of membership are the conditions of salvation as expressed in Holy Scripture: repentance, baptism in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, full of the Holy Spirit or earnestly seeking that experience…by one Spirit are we all baptized into one Body. Those entering into fellowship shall conform their lives and faith to the doctrine of our Church, which is based upon the doctrine of Jesus Christ and the apostles in accordance with the Scriptures.

Section 2

Churches may affiliate on the following basis:

  • a.  That they teach and practice the doctrine on membership as defined by the Word of God and taught by this fellowship.

  • b.  That they have a pastor ordained by The Kingdom Empowerment International Fellowship of Churches, Incorporated 

  • c.  That they will participate in the regular support of this Fellowship through Tithes and Offering, and that they will participate with the Holy Convocation through a system of delegations. 

  • d.  Membership may be terminated either by the member congregation or the Fellowship for cause as determined by the Canons of this church after due process.

Section 3

Membership may be terminated by resignation and/or expulsion for just cause (such as practices of immoralities, [see Article XVI, Doctrine and Discipline]); or for extended negligence in Christian duties, insubordination to spiritual authority and failure to support the Church financially as prescribed by Holy Scripture. Unexcused absence from the Holy Convocation, Episcopal Calls, Training Conferences and the General assembly for three consecutive years will invalidate the membership.

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